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Update on me:
Got my scan results, things are looking good. There are only residual traces left, so the chemo has been working. The dr. wants to finish off the 8 round cycle, and I began round 5 this week, go again next Monday, then in December, January and Febraury. Hopefully by then it will be done.
It really messes up my schedule and getting everything done. I will do my best to keep adding coupons and stuff and getting out trades, but with everything going on it will be hard to get out and find forms and coupons, let alone typing them in.  I figure there will be lots of little updates where I only get to one or two sections a day instead of updating everything in one day, just because I have no time and energy, so still check frequently to see what I've added.
I have lots of coupons, rebate forms, upcs and other things available.  Please note, I am not a big time trader/seller, just a stay at home mom trying to make some extra cash and save money. On all items, if a number is not listed, I only have one. I have lots of multiples, and get more stuff in all the time.
My coupons are being updated constantly! Check back frequently to see what I have listed. I usually update one or two sections each day with my latest stuff, either items I found, received in trade, etc. If you are looking for multiples of an item, please ask, sometimes I have more but just haven't gotten a chance to update that category with them. I remove coupons from the listing as soon as I have a trade pending, but only update the date on the section when I add new coupons.

Please take a look at my wishlist to see if you have anything I am looking for. I would really like to trade for wishlist items. If you don't have anything on my list, you can still email me and I will try very hard to work out a trade. I can't use the items listed, so getting anything I can use is a good plan. Thanks!
References: I have trader feedback on ebay as susieed. I have lots of trading feedback on, as dragonmom.
Want a quick trade with PPHF? I am asking .15 per form or upc, .25 for crt only forms, Forms for $7 or more are .50 each and ones $10 or more are $1 each. Coupons are .05 per coupon (excluding frees and cigarette ones), wine tags are .05 for up to $1 or .10 for $1+. plus postage. Ask me for info on frees and cigarette coupons. This handling fee covers my time in finding, cutting, sorting and entering the coupons and forms, and is not a price for the coupon or form itself, just for my time. I cannot accept credit card funded paypal, sorry.
In order to keep trading and costs down, all trades must be cleared before beginning a new trade. I am sorry to have to post this, and I value all my "snail mail" traders, but I have too many people who have not sent their last trade asking for a new one for me to send new trades out when the previous one has not been received.
While I understand that people get busy and can't always respond quickly, when you email me with a list of items you would like and I respond, I will hold things no more than 3 days without hearing back from you. I have a number of envies that are sitting here with people saying "I will check your wishlist and get back to you" and then a week passes with no response. If you know you won't be back for a few days, please let me know and I will try to accomodate you, but I have been holding things and then as it gets close to expiring the person finally responds and says never mind on that, it's too late. Same thing with envies that you keep adding to, if you haven't added in a week I will give you a total and if I don't hear back in 2 days, will return all the coupons to the site.

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